Report on the preparation of the 19th ASEAN University Games by Dr. Myint Htwe, Union Minister for Health and Sports

Nay Pyi Taw, December (10)

His Excellency U Myint Swe, Honorable Vice President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar & Patron of the Organization Committee for the 19th ASEAN University Games

Dignitaries and Ambassadors from ASEAN Member States, Honorable Union Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Members of Parliament, Presidents of Sports Federation

Senior officials and Council Members of ASEAN University Games, Athletes, Coaches and Referees from ASEAN Member States, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the 19th ASEAN University Games!

This is the great moment that we all have been waiting for: 19th ASEAN University Games in Nay Pyi Taw, the capital city of Myanmar.

The Organizing Committee and officials of the Ministry of Health and Sports & Ministry of Education of Myanmar have been working with extreme dedication and commitment in order to successfully host this ASEAN University Games.


Now is the time for Myanmar to proudly host this event. We are fully satisfied with pride tonight.

The ASEAN University Games had been held since 1981. “Youth and Friendship” is the theme of this 19th ASEAN University Games.

It is aimed to foster friendship and unity among ASEAN youths from participating countries, to provide opportunities for them to exchange

information on their institutions and culture, and to promote further networking at the individual level as well as the institution level.

There will be a total of 17 competitive sporting events and 587 gold, 587 silvers and 723 bronze, a total of 1897 medals are at stake to be awarded to the winners.


All the sporting events will be held in various sporting stadiums, in-door as well as out-door sporting arenas located in Nay Pyi Taw Wunna Theik Di Sporting Complex.

All the events will be judged and assessed fairly and squarely as per the agreed sporting rules and regulations by competent judges and referees.

We hope that you will inspire the audience by showing your sportsmanship spirit throughout the games.

The Organizing Committee and responsible officials have made in-door and out-door stadiums to meet international standard and also equipped with internationally recognized sporting equipment.

We have also booked reasonably good hotels for our athletes to the best of our capacity so that they could rest and sleep comfortably and wake up with full strength the next day to play the games with total freshness.

Transportation had also been worked out carefully for the athletes to reach the venue in time without a hassle.

In addition, medical cover for the athletes are meticulously arranged with specialist doctors to take care of them round the clock.

To be safe and sound to all athletes and all those involved in the Games, security perspectives had been put in order without any reservation.

Likewise, we made our electronic communication system working to the dot so that results of the sporting events can be informed to the outside world.


In other words, we leave no stone unturned to make “the Games” a total success and a memorable one for years to come.

We did our level best so that athletes, judges, coaches and officials of the participating teams will leave our country with indelible sweet memories with fondness.

Showing respect, fair play and lively competition should be the order of the day putting our ASEAN University Games flag to greater heights.

In sports, everyone is equal, regardless of background, belief or nationality.

We are hoping with confidence that this ASEAN University Games will bring the ASEAN University Students together, like a closely knitted family.

It is hoped that it will kindle a symbol of hope and harmony between ASEAN communities.

We will continue to keep our doors open for participating countries from our region and play together in a great way in line with the with the ASEAN spirit.


Together we will make the history of ASEAN University Games memorable to upcoming generations and future leaders from ASEAN countries.

We would like the ASEAN University Games described and flooded with words such as “Excellence”, “Friendship”, “Respect” as well as “Diversity”, “Inspirational”, “Unity”, “Clean” and “Youthful”.

Preparatory works for the games had taken a lot of hard work by many officials and workers to get us to this point for the opening ceremony and for the actual games.

I would like to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire team of the ASEAN University Games Organizing Committee for their excellent input and hard work.

May I now have the honor of respectfully inviting the Vice President, HE U Myint Swe, to declare open the 19th ASEAN University Games on behalf of the Honorable President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Thank you very much.


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